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How to Avoid being Stained?

Dyeing is caused by the oil dissolving the fuel on the top of the clothes and penetrating into the material of the doll. Generally speaking, the severity of dyeing of new sex dolls,the relationship between the amount of dyeing pigment "contact time " amount of pressure. The amount of dyeing pigments is generally related to the freshness of the clothes and the dyeing materials of the clothes. The older the garment, the more washes it has, the less dyeable material is left on it, so the older the garment, the less dyeable it is. The lighter the color, the less dye material can dissolve and the less likely it will be dyed. The more expensive the clothes, the less likely the dye will be dissolved by the doll's skin oil, and the less likely it will be dyed.
1. The length of time the real doll is in contact with the clothing is also proportional to the severity of the staining, so take off any clothing that is at risk of staining immediately after the photo is taken.

2.The amount of pressure between the life-size sex doll and the clothing it is in contact with is also proportional to the dyeing. For example, if the same light-colored, dark-colored clothing is placed on a sex doll and placed under the bottom of the doll for the same amount of time, the staining will be worse where the bottom is pressed.

The dyeing of sex dolls belongs to the physical diffusion process of color particles. Pay attention to the above points to avoid the appearance of dyeing.
1. Try to wear old clothes.
2. Try to buy new clothes of good quality, cheap clothes are most likely to be dyed.
3. If you don't have old clothes, and economic conditions do not allow you to buy too expensive clothes, then please wash the newly bought clothes with washing powder or washing powder 5~8 times. If the color is no longer obvious after the blisters, then you can only consider Change dolls.
4. Please do not press the cloth due to the weight of the doll itself, keep this in mind when posing with the doll.
5. Immediately change the clothes that are at risk of dyeing after taking pictures to reduce contact time.
6. Consider giving the real doll a one-piece sock to isolate the outer clothing. Or place a light-colored cloth or table paper where the clothes are tightly packed. For example, most dark pyjamas have contraction straps around the bust, where the pressure is much higher than elsewhere, and it's especially prone to soiling, so you can put a white handkerchief or dining room paper under it.
If you sleep with your adult love doll, please note that your own sheets, covers, and pajamas are not easily stained, but if they are all light-colored or very old, they are fine.
Adding to this, the oiling of dolls is an irreversible physical process, and the amount of oiling is not only related to the doll’s material formula, but the temperature of the place where the doll is stored is a key factor. The simple way to deal with this is to powder the doll in advance, firstly for the feel and secondly for ease of dressing, and thirdly for the oil to be absorbed and neutralized by the talcum powder when the TPE sex doll is oily.

Post time: 09-28-2022